Tips & tricks for learning Danish

If you know helpful techniques for remembering words, phrases etc. or got other useful information that will help with learning Danish, please post it here. :)
eleathyra Sep 8, 2009


Sep 8, 2009 eleathyra

Personally, at first I had some troubles remembering the numbers in Danish. That means, the ones from 1 to 20 were okay, but 30, 40, 50 etc. seemed to be very "random" words.

My boyfriend has a friend that's studying linguistic, and he told me why the numbers 50 and higher are called like that. After I knew, it was so much easier to remember them! I hope it will help you too.

There is a danish word "snes" that means "twenty", like we say "a dozen" ("ein Dutzend" in German) for 12.

Now the danish numbers are "made" of these packages of 20, "snes". And sometimes you have to take away half a "snes", that's why there is the word half ("halv") in some numbers.

3 snes minus one half snes (the "s" at the end is a remnant of "snes")

3 snes (tre + "s" for "snes")

4 snes (fir(e) + "s" for "snes")

Of course, the spelling of the words has changed over the years. But you can still see how the words are put together. I hope that will help you remember them better!

Sep 9, 2009 Klaidons
My Danish teacher said that in order to practice Danish digits You should go on a street and read every car number deviding them in pares (if there is 5873 then You devide them in 58 and 73). And another tip - shout it loud as loud as You can In begining it's tough but after some time You get used to it.

Another thing what I'm doing to memorize danish words is I'm making flashcards and I think it is very useful. Recently I found softwere "Anki" what is something like digital flashcard softwear where You can make Your own collections of flashkards and complete them with audio or pictures what can help You memorize new words. There You can choose in which level You know this word and system will choose how offen to show You this word. As better You know as more seldom it will show up.

Spelling is the hardest part of the game and this is what I miss the most. I wish I would have some Danish friend to talk in danish every day. Probably I should move to Denmark for a while. I belive that I would increase my knowlidge pretty fast. Enviroment is the most helpful tip. Kids are learning so fast.

Sep 9, 2009 eleathyra
The cards are definitely a good thing. I started making them right away when I started to learn Danish, but I still have paper cards, huge piles of them. ;)

I like that, because I can write in different styles, make drawings or put colours and marks on specific letters. In addition, I take the cards with me in the morning, so I can go through them when I'm on the train to work (about one hour).

Also I think it helps that you write down the words and expressions by hand at least once when you make the card. Well, at least that works for me. :)