Saturday,August 29,2009 REPORT :D:D:D

We had a nice meeting :D
we knew each other and we discussed our hobbies.
We all like music ,Kay ,Anubis and DJ talked about Japanese and that It's easy for Asian people.
we exchanged some music , Japanese and Arabic.
we introduced ourselves.
It was a great day.
Thank you all.
and hope that whom didn't join us to join us next time ^__^ ;).
and we are waiting queena next time too ^___^.
xie xie my friends and see you next time.
Then may be next time we'll talk also about travel and may be about our countries and the different places everyone of us visited or wish to visit.
be readyyyy.
see yaaaaaa
nehadmaaty Aug 30, 2009


Sep 6, 2009 Tina
I am looking forward to meet you!!