New Russian learning app

I'm building a free website for learning Russian grammar and vocabulary from beginner up to intermediate level, powered by a knowledge base of thousands of language facts. It's a bit like Duolingo, but is much stronger on grammar.

We're expanding our beta testing program and are looking for six more users to try out the system and give us feedback.

If you are interested, please send me a message with your email address and some background on your Russian studies. You should be studying Russian actively at the moment.

Anyone can browse the knowledge base on but only testers can access the study mode for now.
morpheem Dec 8, 2016


Dec 21, 2016 nigredo
Hi morpheem,
I'am reading your site, it is very useful... :)
Mar 10, 2017 maksboy
Nice site!
But I found one wrong word. We don`t speak "смочь". Russian language have not this word