Natsume Yūjinchō (夏目友人帳) is moe!

The stories are touching.
ニャンコ先生 is funny.
Natsume is so kind.
The music is good. Especially both ED are really touching.
I love Kamiya Hiroshi's voice. He is one of my favorite seiyu.

So which story is your favoriate?
diwater Mar 2, 2009


Mar 10, 2009 LawlietUchiha
My story favorite?
Well, is of Sasuke Uchiha!
Is very beautiful a voice his]

I like the anime Chihiro, is funny fantasy
Is great!
Apr 18, 2009 hamykia
Oh I recently watched Natsume's 1st season, and I'm waiting for my fave fansub to sub the second. I am really looking forward to it.
It was wonderful, I loved and enjoyed every single episode, and I must admit I even cried a little in some of them.
I think it is a very special anime because it's not only beautiful, but also calm, gentle, smooth, warm and really touching. It has the kind of stories that makes you wanna hug them all.
I especially like the episodes with the kitsune spirit, because he is not only cute, but also brave and he wants to belong to Natsume just to be together. I think he is the kind of spirit I would not mind having around hahaha