I bought CDs!!CDを買ったよ!

I bought 3CDs this New Year!!
zebrahead, sweetbox, and ashlee simpson. I had been trouble to shoose them. Becouse there are so many CDs that I want. I listened to them at a CD shop so many times. I like them!!

AI Jan 7, 2009


Jan 13, 2009 ftsk
I bought CD 3days ago.
It is hey monday of debut album;D!!!!
CD that I have now is fall out boy,forever sickest kids,panic at the disco,avril,miley cyrus,high school musical,us5,hilary duff,hey monday,,,,,:P
Jan 16, 2009 zashley
I bought 3CDz last year.
Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Jesse Mccartney.
I'll buy US5, High School Musical3 album in Feburary:^)!!!
Jan 17, 2009 AI
We are all bought 3CDs!!lol wow!!!

I litened to "hey monday". it's cool!!
I bought "panic at the disco" before. There are many awsome songs.

Well, "US5"... Are they from Germany??
Jan 20, 2009 zashley
"US5", they are 5members.
May be........
.2members from Germany.
But they aren't belong US5.
The others from America and England.
Now, US5 are new 2members.
New 2members are Vincent&Cayce!!!
Jan 21, 2009 AI
Thank you for infomation, zashley!!
I'll listen to theirsongs. :->
Jan 27, 2009 ftsk
I'm sorry AI, the answer, and the delay:(
As for heymonday, it is good-looking, and Casade of vocal is very
Feb 6, 2009 zashley
I bought "Aly&AJ" CD.
It is easy to hear their music.
They are sister, and Aly is an older sister, and Aj is a younger sister.
Cause' it is my recommendation, please hear it if good.
Feb 7, 2009 AI
Hi, zashley!!

What song of Aly&AJ do your recommend?
Feb 8, 2009 rEGIS
I bought some CDs yesterday.
I will write about that later.
Feb 10, 2009 ftsk
i bought"Yellow Card" ;P☆
Feb 11, 2009 AI
I have "Yellow Card"!! The songs are beautiful, I think.

Hi, Regis!! Yeah, I'm wating for the name of CDs you bought!!
Feb 11, 2009 rEGIS
Hi Ms, AI!
I bought lot. One of them is "Lard"
Lard consists of Al Jourgensen from Ministry and Jello Biafra from Dead Kennedys and the others.
Dead Kennedys is true punk!
Feb 22, 2009 AI
Hi, Regis!!
I listened to the You Tube. yeah, I agree with you. It's punk, I'm not sure if it's a real one though...
Feb 22, 2009 rEGIS
Hi Ms AI!
Long time no see.
I think Tiger Trap was a punk band too.
My Broken Heart by Tiger Trap
Feb 22, 2009 rEGIS
By the way this is an ex-Tiger Trap leader, Rose Melberg's band now.
Their sound is not punk but I like it!

Canadian Boyfriend by All Girl Summer Fun Band