To Eliminate World Hunger

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May 7, 2011 06:37
More should be done to eliminate world hunger. In fact, according to U.N. statistics, one dies of starvation in four seconds all over the world. There are three reasons why we should tackle the problem of food shortage more.

First of all, genetically modified (GM) crops can be available to increase food supply. Nobody has proved that they are harmful for our health, which means we are more worried than we have to. The farmers in developing countries can make new GM products that can be grown in sever climate such as land near desert.

Second, fair trade could be promoted to supply food for all the people in need of food rather early. It is sad that large part of food is imported to rich countries, some of which waste too many dishes every day. The key to the solution is the trade system to divide food products among all the countries in proportion to population.

Finally, war can be stopped to maintain farmland. Weapons devastated the whole country from earth to forest. Added to this, war encourages a multitude of children to become soldiers because of dainty repasts in troop.

Therefore, it can be said that there are many things to do to remove world hunger. For the above reasons, we should take more measures for it.
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