The World’s Wilderness Areas Better Protected

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Apr 10, 2011 23:54
The world’s wilderness areas definitely need to be better protected. In fact, a poll in Australia shows that they believe the environment should take priority over the farmers in Basin. There are three reasons why wilderness regions need to be defended in the world in good ways.

First of all, protecting the world’s wilderness areas can contribute to biodiversity. Wild animals and plants always require nature feeding them as well as providing home for them. For example, bears from destructed woods came down to where humans live, which made us feel scared in Japan.

Second, it could increase the number of ecotourism. It could allow us to know what wild animals and plants are like by actual experiences. Added to this, this is good opportunities for students to learn what to do for wilderness in the future.

Finally, it would lead to saving rights of indigenous peoples. They have exploited wilderness in the search of their comfortable life based on their particular tradition for a long time. For instance, nomad would lose their way of life if modernized by such mores as highly improved information technology.

Therefore, it can be said that there are many advantages in protecting wilderness areas. For the above reasons, they need to be better saved all over the world.
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