Society Dealing with Violent Crime

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Apr 9, 2011 21:17
Society is doing enough to deal with violent crime. In fact, the UN Security Council has tackled international affairs under passed resolutions. There are three reasons why society is handling violent crime fully.

First of all, school education is playing an important role in reducing violent crime. For last ten years, the United Nation has enlightened the world to protect human rights from violence. The movement has led to the new study of anger management in pedagogy.

Second, stricter punishments can have good effects on a deterrent of violent crime. Prisons are effective way against it because of losing freedom in jail. Added to this, we try to avoid debasing ourselves by judgments based on severe punishments.

Finally, surveillance cameras can inhibit impulses committing crimes of violence. They can record all the things that happened as positive facts. For example, the murder making all Japanese feel nervous was captured thanks to the cameras installed along the roads last year.

Therefore, it can be said that we are enjoying safe lives in the highly-developed society. For all above reasons, I can assert that society is doing enough to cope with violent crime.