Caffeine Pills

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Apr 7, 2011 15:09
Caffeine pills should definitely be banned from sport. In fact, it has caused much controversy after a football player was hospitalized due to taking caffeine tablets before big games in Australia. There are three reasons why caffeine pills should be prohibited in sport.

First of all, caffeine pills can cause health problems because it has bad effect on our body. A report says that caffeine inhibits absorption of nutrients such as calcium. Added to this, it associates mental disorder because it decreases blood flow to the brain.

Secondly, it would lead to ethical questions. It is unfair for athletes to take medicine helpful enough to increase the ability to win the first prize. Consequently, it could change our attitudes toward sports, leading to the unhopeful movement that people try to find pills in shops instead of practicing hard.

Finally, it could raise monetary problems. It cost sport fans extra money on caffeine, preventing the poor from participating in sport events. As a result, sports would become unpopular in developing countries.

Therefore, it can be said that there are many disadvantages in using caffeine pills in sports. For all the above reasons, they should be removed from sports.