Society with Aging Population Facing a Crisis

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Apr 3, 2011 21:01
Society with aging population will definitely face a crisis in the future. In fact, some specialists propose that Japan should change the social system for all generations in several years. There are three reasons why we will get confronted with a crisis resulted from society with aging population.

First of all, society with aging population could lead to a bad cycle of low birthrate. The small population of children will focus more on social welfare than education. Therefore, it’ll be more difficult to born babies, who also won’t try to do so when they grow up in the next generation.

Secondly, it could produce a bad effect on health care. Doctors and nurses in hospitals would not be able to help too many patients in need effectively. Added to this, stuffs would be shorter in day care, where they don’t get sufficient salary even now.

Finally, it would require more taxes than we pay. For example, the system of the health insurance would get disrupted due to unfair tax payment imposed on minor workers. Consequently, they lose too much money to use, causing the economic collapse.

Therefore, it can be said that society with aging population has many difficulties. For that reason, a crisis will confront it in the future.
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