People Losing their Moral Values

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Mar 24, 2011 11:49
People in modern society are definitely losing their moral values. In fact, Japanese government advocates that school education must focus on moral education than moral before. There are three reasons why moral values are lowering these days.

First of all, education dose not play an important role in improving kids’ moral value fully. Schools have regarded that to get high score in the achievement tests is more important than to cultivate children’s mind. Consequently, students lose the opportunities to consider what to do for others as well as the corporation between school and home becomes weak.

Secondly, public manners apparently become wrong. It is a good example to see not only passengers talking their mobile phone, but nobody cautioning them not to do. That’s because they try to keep them from hassles, which is the same as other unreasonable manners in public.

Finally, the Internet has the bad effects on moral values. Not needing to talk in person, they tend to write derogatory comments on the website. It sometimes leads to serious bullying, some of which become the social problem as children’s suicides in Japan.

It can be said then that we should think how to behave for others. For that reason, people in modern society are debasing themselves in their moral values.