Should Drivers be banned from using hands free mobile phone?

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Mar 3, 2011 00:07
Drivers should be definitely banned from using hands free mobile phone. In reality, Australia has a movement for the limit during driving now. I will tell you three reasons from the view point of driver’s concentration.
First of all, hands free mobile phones are much more difficult to listen to than actual human voice. Therefore, drivers try to concentrate so more toward sound out of them that they tend to miss sounds from outside such as bicycle’s bells. It stands reason that we use to avoid the danger with eras as well as eyes.
Second, when you use them in car, drivers’ voice is the only way to communicate with others over phones. As you are not able to gesticulate at all, you consider of how to express what you want to think correctly. A study shows that we have more difficulties to persuade someone to do something than talking in person directly.
Finally, drivers not only look at buttons to activate in receiving call but also move off handle for a few seconds. Drives have to be always very careful to deal with sudden accident. We know that car by 80 km/h goes straight away for tens meters.
In conclusion, drivers should be prohibited to speaking with hands free mobile phones.