College Education Necessary for Everyone

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Jul 18, 2011 00:46
I absolutely agree with the idea that a college education is necessary for everyone. In fact, the more young tend to contribute to society using knowledge and skills learned in a college. There are three reasons why everybody needs a college.

First of all, a college education gives students more employment opportunities. It is essential to learn latest knowledge and skills in every business situations. Added this, experiences such as going abroad to study also is beneficial experience students can use to have strong appeal in job interviews.

Secondly, a college can offer on-the-job training. In teaching training, for example, we have opportunities to go to school as practice-teaching for a while. In addition, under the cooperation between college and company, students are provided to do their internship program.

Finally, a college contributes to students’ having personal goals. To complete thesis in final year means that students can input special knowledge as well as work together with others, for instance. They realize how important to make effort as much as possible to achieve aims though a variety of many projects in lessons.

Therefore, it can be said that there are many advantages in studying in a college. For above reasons, a college education is required for all of us.