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Nov 23, 2011 20:35
If you are kind enough to give me some useful information, I will help you with your Japanese writing in return.

First, I would like to know if these English sentences are correct or not.
Secondly, please let me know other words or structures I can use.
I hope you see the images and videos on the links below as well. That will help in understanding each sentence.

1) This is a mock-up of women’s prosthetic limbs which is under developing.


korewa kaihatsu chuu no jyosei you gisoku no mokkuappu desu.

2) ‘Since I am sick today, I will take a day off from going for a walk.’


kyou guai warui kara sanpo yasumuyo.

3) This is a miracle! Jesus Christ has returned to life at a very unlikely place.


kiseki da! kirisuto ga tondemonai basyo ni yomigaeri mashita.

Thanks for reading!^^