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Nov 18, 2011 04:46
If you are kind enough to give me some useful information, I will help you with your Japanese writing in return.

First, I would like to know if these English sentences are correct or not.
Secondly, please let me know other words or structures I can use.
I hope you see the images on the links below as well. That will help in understanding each sentence.

1) This is the way cats jump. They are a rock ‘n’ roll animal. It goes without saying that you are not supposed to throw the guitar.


korega nekoga jyanpu suru shikumi desu. yatsura wa rokkun rooru yarou nanodesu. atarimae desuga, gitaa wo nagete wa ikemasen.

2) “It has enormously many.” This is a USB charge board which has 80 ports. Numerous devices could be charged up at once.


hanpa jyanaku ooi. korewa 80 pooto wo motsu USB tyaagi boodo desu. tasuu no debaisu wo douji ni jyuuden dekimasu.

3) Lady Kaga ‘Welcome to Kaga Spa resort’

When I saw the title of this movie, I thought Lady Gaga came to Japan again. In fact, that were ‘Lady Kaga’ which means ladies in Kaga city, Ishikiwa prefecture, Japan. Kaga is an important tourist city with a number of temples and hot-springs.



Thanks for reading!^^
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