Nov.9's blog posts, birthday on Twitter, reason for closing, Pacific saury picture.

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Nov 10, 2011 21:05
First, I would like to know if these English sentences are correct or not.
Second, please let me know other words or structures I can use.
I hope you see the images on the links below as well. That will help in understanding each language.

1) “Today is my birthday. Don’t you guys have something to say?”
oreno tanjyoubi dakedo omaera nanka iukoto naino?

2) ‘I am taking the liberty of closing this shop temporarily to look for my wife who has left me.’
makotoni kattenagara nigeta nyoubouwo sagasutameni rinjikyougyou itashimasu.

3) This is a picture of a Pacific saury drawn with a fountain pen.
korewa manenhitsu de kakareta sanma no e desu.

Thanks for reading!^^