When I Order American (アメリカンを頼んだら)

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May 8, 2010 07:47
When I went to L.A., I was amazed by unfamiliar Japanese named food; Kyoto-bowl, which is rice bowl with toppings of teriyaki chicken and boiled vegetable. Off course, it doesn’t exist here in Japan. ^^
Vice versa, there are a lot of strange name foods in Japan.

“American” means weak coffee. However, we don’t call ordinal coffee “European”, but “Regular”. Yesterday, I dropped by a Ramen shop with my friend because I didn’t afford to have decent supper. I ordered “Taiwan Ramen”, which is very hot and spicy. My friend told me Taiwan Ramen which we have in Japan doesn’t exist in Taiwan. It was one of Nagoya cuisine. Then, I found memo on the table which said that “you also order American if you prefer milder Taiwan Ramen.” Hahaha, strange! If you’d like to have a little hot spicy Ramen, you have to order “American Taiwan”.

Haha, I googled it and found instant ramen; American Taiwan Ramen. ^^