Turn off the switch (スイッチを切って)

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May 4, 2010 09:42
During my vacation, I’ve turned off the switch of my cell phone and enjoyed the quiet and placid days. When I think about my daily life, I spend a lot of time for unnecessary obsessed routine tasks such as answering the phone and checking a ton of e-mails.

As you notice, Japanese people reply to e-mail or text quickly and they believe it as a politeness. Besides, many people (maybe include me) are addicted with chronic text. My phone always vibrates like a hysteric mam. I don’t deny enjoying the exchange of harmless and innocent small talk. But it is so nice sunny days during this vacations that I have turned off my cell phone so that anyone don’t intervene my days off.

No BBQ, no driving, no amusement park (^^;), I just savor a peaceful day. The blue sky out of the window in the room makes me feel good. I am sure that I’ll spend another enjoyable day. Where am I gonna take a walk today?