The Usefulness Of The Useless

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Feb 27, 2010 08:47 usefulness useless
You must be irritated by incompetent workers who join in your working project if they make trouble and they screw up the project. Besides, individual responsibility is very vague here in Japan. Everybody has to support them as one of the team members. You think they are seeds of troublesome. If they are swept out from your teams, every thing is going to be fine. You also think you could gain more productivity if you work with only competent workers.

A researcher observed an ant nest and found the rule of 20:60:20 ratios. 20% of ants work very hard, 60% are ordinal workers, and 20% pretend to work amazingly. The researcher experimented that he got rid of lazy ants so the rest of them would work more efficiently. 20% from the remained 80%, however, became lazy ants. They produced the same ratios at last.

Ummm…It reminds me of my father's saying;
Chuang Tsu said, everyone knows the usefulness of the useful, but no one knows the usefulness of the useless. I understand his words as everybody has a meaning to be there.