The 50th Day of the 100-Days Challenge

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Dec 7, 2017 16:01
Today is the 50th day since I started the 100-days challenge. So I’m in the halfway mark. The challenge consists of these items: Meditate 3 times a day, study graphic design for 5 hours a day, work out everyday, write more than 250 words in English, and review the corrections I get from Those challenge items are divided in these 3 categories: Health, graphic design, and English. The reason why I started this challenge was that I wanted to make the habit doing all of those everyday. Those were all so important that I couldn’t prioritize them. Right after I get up in the morning, I start the day with the 108-bows meditation that is to bow down 108 times. And when I complete all of those challenge items, it’s time to go to bad. A day passes really quickly, and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. When I get up in the morning again, another day starts. When I finish the challenge for the day, the day ends. I have less stress than before I started this challenge, because meditating and working out relieve my stress. I’d like to make these challenge items stick. Although I did the same things everyday for the past 50 days, I often find myself procrastinating before doing them. Come to think about it, I missed my favorite challenge item: Not to use social media. I used to feel stressed out from some postings on Facebook that bothered me and feel guilty about wasting my time checking Facebook and Instagram constantly. At first I suffered FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, but now, I feel free from the social media.