Long Time No See!!

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Oct 17, 2011 23:36
I went to Kinkakuji today. Do you know Kinkakuji? It is the famous Japanese temple in Kyoto, and it was my second visit. Though I have lived in Kyoto for seven years, I didn't go there because it's far from my home. It was when I was an elementary school student that I visited Kinkakuji for the first time, and it was also the first visit to Kyoto on a school excursion. It must have been fun but I hardly remember that.

Then, my second visit was great. Kinkakuji was so beautiful that I took many pictures. This is one of the picture. The appearance of Kinkakuji on the surface of the water is a special beauty.

Kyoto has a lot of places to visit. Please come to Kyoto and visit many temples and shrines, and you'll have a good time there. I'm ready to guide you around Kyoto!!LOL
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