Bat soup

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Nov 27, 2010 16:55
I told a Facebook's friend who lives in Australia a bat today. She said a bat lived in Australia was different from Japan, and she have seen it for the first time. Then I said her I have eaten a bat soup in Palau about ten years ago. A bat soup was usually eaten in Palau. However the price was expensive.

When I went to Palau to dive, I ate it. There was beautiful sea and a lot of fish in Palau. I enjoyed diving. I was reluctant to eat it, but my friend who dived with me ordered a bat soup. When it was served to me, I was surprised to see it. There was a bat in a soup. I didn't think I drank it. But I shut my eyes and drank it. So the taste was more usual than I thought. However a bat was grotesque.
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