FF13 pt3

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Jan 30, 2010 18:22
日本語の文章は私のではありません。 英語の文章は私のです

Part 3


平和な社会コクーンに暮らす人々は、脅威に満ちた未知なる大地ー 下界からの侵略を極度に恐れている
The peaceful inhabitants of Cocoon were terrified of the unpredicatable menace and invasion from the underworld.

Even if there was just one limb from the underworld on Cocoon, the public would be anxious and stability would be threatened.

As a consequence the Holy Office decided that all people from the underworld who might pollute Cocoon should be banished, and so a new policy to purge Cocoon of those people was agreed.

However, the Holy Office Army began indiscriminately attacking those who should have been taken to the underworld.

Was not the real purpose of the Purge a Massacre rather than just an exile? Snow, guessing at this arose to defend his people.

Leading a group of young freedom aspiring people called Nora, Snow challenged the High Army.


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