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Feb 2, 2012 21:07 Satchmo commented on Shiver with Cold
When we talk about shivering, we usually don't need to cold part because it is implied. We also say we are freezing sometimes. Today ...
Feb 2, 2012 17:54 eddiex90 commented on May sickness
こんにちはSineLittleさん。:) 突然ここにコメントごめんね。これはずいぶん昔のポストですけど、Googleで言葉の意味を探す時、偶然SineLittleさんのポストを見つけました。実は少しお聞きたいんですが...「Think positive」は日本語で何と...
Feb 2, 2012 04:45 superekin made 1 corrections for Shiver with Cold
Keep warm and try not to get sick!
Feb 2, 2012 03:57 Ananat made 2 corrections for Shiver with Cold
Hope you can stay warm. I understand not wanting to go out on a cold day. It may make you jealous, but here in my hometown we can go out ...
Jan 31, 2012 14:47 made 1 corrections for After the TOEIC exam
Keep reading!
Jan 31, 2012 05:03 superekin commented on Frixion Erasable Pen
I've used these pens before as well, but they're kind of expensive.
Jan 31, 2012 04:36 Kaede made 1 corrections for Frixion Erasable Pen
That sounds like a very useful kind of pen! I might check it out!
Jan 30, 2012 23:27 RoosterSamurai made 4 corrections for Frixion Erasable Pen
Good job! I will give it a try. Thank you for your recommendation! =)
Jan 30, 2012 22:59 Satchmo made 2 corrections for After the TOEIC exam
Jan 30, 2012 00:32 Kaede made 3 corrections for After the TOEIC exam
Good job on the listening part! That can be really tough! Reading sections on tests like that tend to be very difficult as well. I agr...
Jan 30, 2012 00:10 supershirobon made 2 corrections for After the TOEIC exam
Jan 27, 2012 23:51 Jojo commented on TOEIC Exam
Hello SineLittle, Good luck with your TOEIC exam! It seems like you are taking a speaking test too, right? :)
Jan 27, 2012 14:57 MarkN62 made 3 corrections for Oxford Advanced Learner'...
Very Good SineLittle. I have the same dictionary on my Android using DioDict. It is very useful. It can speak the word in both UK and ...
Jan 27, 2012 00:29 Kaede made 4 corrections for Oxford Advanced Learner'...
Hi SineLittle, I made a couple corrections but your English is very good! I don't have an iPhone but that sounds like a useful app...
Jan 26, 2012 00:44 superekin made 1 corrections for Sleep Measuring Machine
I wish I could write Japanese as well as your English. Anyway, I've also been curious about these sleeping measuring devices too. In ...
Jan 11, 2012 22:57 Satchmo made 2 corrections for New Year's Party with c...
Sounds like a great time!
Jan 9, 2012 19:37 Lil, K-ci made 4 corrections for Clean Up Day
Your pretty good at english. You alonely made minor errors, that nearly all english speaking people will sometimes make. Good Job! =)
Jan 7, 2012 22:54 Vermilion made 2 corrections for Hay Fever ??
Oh, has hay fever season been around yet? I'm sorry to hear you're suffering from it.
Jan 7, 2012 22:52 wombat made 3 corrections for Hay Fever ??
Take care!!
Jan 7, 2012 01:02 Wil made 1 corrections for Getting Better But
Perfect in all aspects. Good work !
Jan 6, 2012 04:40 halls made 1 corrections for Caught a cold
Very good ^^
Jan 6, 2012 03:57 ジャス commented on Caught a cold
Jan 6, 2012 00:13 Jojo commented on Caught a cold
Take care, SineLittle!
Jan 5, 2012 20:58 coonsta commented on Caught a cold
Jan 3, 2012 22:31 tokyobamboo made 5 corrections for Slow Start
Sounds nice! We have to always enjoy our times that we can relax!
Jan 3, 2012 00:19 Jojo commented on Happy New Year
Happy New Year, Sinelittle!
Jan 2, 2012 23:21 Lightning made 3 corrections for Happy New Year
I'm glad you can enjoy the new year. :-)
Dec 25, 2011 11:53 Austin commented on Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Dec 7, 2011 23:11 Rainbow made 5 corrections for Year End Party Season
Have fun! ^^
Dec 6, 2011 23:44 Lilu made 1 corrections for Pronunciation Traning
I need a similar book for Japanese pronunciation. I have trouble with the 'r' sound >_< Good luck to you!
Dec 6, 2011 07:34 FooSoft commented on What should I do for enjoyi...
I've been thinking about this as well. I find that writing about your interests, hobbies and so on works well. If not, you can also w...
Dec 6, 2011 02:27 kaemji made 2 corrections for What should I do for enjoyi...
I am going to start thinking about this too!
Dec 5, 2011 23:10 r.fLowers made 3 corrections for What should I do for enjoyi...
I like to write describe anime that I am watching or did watch in the past. That's my favorite stuff to write about. I guess just thi...
Nov 29, 2011 01:17 FooSoft made 2 corrections for Too Exhausted
Sounds rough! It's too bad when employees have to suffer because of the failure of the management to account for such scenarios :(
Nov 25, 2011 14:06 MarkN62 made 4 corrections for I want to improve my listen...
Very good SineLittle, There are English radio channels in Japan as well as internet radio stations. You might want to listen to them (...
Nov 25, 2011 00:02 Vermilion made 2 corrections for I want to improve my listen...
Yes, listening is very important.
Nov 23, 2011 22:49 made 3 corrections for A map of the brain
Brilliant :)
Nov 23, 2011 10:59 Rapscallion made 1 corrections for Lots of work to do
There's really no errors. Well done!
Nov 22, 2011 06:15 真斗 made 4 corrections for Very Cold
Nov 21, 2011 00:44 muso commented on 900th Anniversary
おめでとうございます!I need to try to write more journals too ^^
Nov 20, 2011 23:10 Vermilion commented on 900th Anniversary
Nov 20, 2011 23:02 made 4 corrections for 900th Anniversary
SineLittleさん、 素晴らしいですね。 900回目! おめでとうございます。
Nov 20, 2011 00:44 Patrick made 1 corrections for TED Air
Well done - can't find any serious mistakes here.
Nov 19, 2011 00:30 Vermilion made 2 corrections for I got a cold?
Good night. Sleep well.
Nov 17, 2011 04:18 真斗 made 3 corrections for Day Off
お久しぶり!!! ゆっくり休んで下さい!!
Nov 17, 2011 03:14 Mo-chan made 2 corrections for Day Off
Every one needs a day off now and then =)
Nov 15, 2011 06:15 FooSoft made 1 corrections for Music Festival
Very good!
Nov 14, 2011 03:48 Hippo made 8 corrections for Changing fonts on my androi...
Very very well written friend, a lot of things I wrote were more suggestions to make it sound more English. Keep up the good work
Nov 14, 2011 00:30 Slypnir commented on Changing fonts on my androi...
There are no mistakes in this that I can find. :)
Nov 10, 2011 06:16 MarkN62 commented on ATOK doesn't work
Does this help?