Use backword as English-to-English dictionary

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Jan 12, 2009 22:45 english-to-english backword firefox add-ons
I'd like to introduce how to use backword, a firefox add-on, as English-to-English dictionary.
backword is a mouseover dictionary which works on Firefox.
I configured it as English-to-English dictionary.

Look at the 1st picture.
On "Settings I" tag, choose " - English" at "Dictionary" pull down, then you can use on the pop-up window.
And fill out some online English-to-English dictionarys' URL into "Search web URLs".
* these are my favorite online dictionary sites. :D

Look at the 2nd picture.
On "Settings II" tag, if you check the "Work only if Ctrl was pressed" check box, backword works only if you pressed Ctrl key.
I like this setting.

Look at the 3rd to 6th pictures.
There is an exsample of using backword.
You can see the speaker icon, if you click this icon, you can hear a pronunsation of the word.
You can also see magnifying glass icons on the pop-up window, if you click these icons, the search result by the online dictionary that you filled out URLs text box will appear on the new tab.

backword is useful as a good mouseover English-to-English dictionary, but pop-up window is only one line and its horizontal position keeps left edge of main window when the result is long.
it's unconvinience to click their icons.
Therefore I recommend to do customize a backword script to fix it.
First, search "backword.js" in your harddisk, it consists at "extensions\\chrome\content" folder.
Second, edit it using a text editor and comment out line 1132 to 1137 like this.
// modification begin
if (innerWidth - left < width) {
left = innerWidth - width;
if (left < 0) {
left = 0;
// modification end
*1 see the 7th picture

That's all.
Thank you for your attention. :D