Parents' Day and Oyaji-No-Kai (Fathers Association)

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Jul 8, 2012 20:07
Last Saturday, we had a parents' day at my younger son's elementary school. There were classroom visitations in the morning and I observed his second class, composition lessons, for a while. Afternoon, there was a school festival where many events were conducted by bunch of parents' related parties--boys' baseball teams, soccer teams, PTA, and so on.

I'm a member of oyaji-no-kai (fathers association), which about 40 fathers join as its members. And oyaji-no-kai also held an event (see photo 1), where pupils could enjoy several games: bowling, shooting game, ringtoss and so on. In order for a pupil to participate in a game, he/she needed a purchased advance ticket for each game. Depending on the game results, they got different prizes (typically the prices of those were 50yen to 100yen). I worked at hakari (scale) game corner. In this game, pupils tried to put beads as heavy as 100g into a dish. Depending on how close they were, they would get either A prize or B prize (A prize is a little more expensive than B). See the photo 2.

Although my son didn't come to my game (:-<), he tried another five games and got three As and two Bs (see photo 3).