Memories Of Mike: A Lesson On How To Peel An Orange

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Oct 9, 2011 10:14
At my hotel in Taiwan, a basket of fruits is served every day after each room is made up. Typical fruits are bananas, kiwi fruits, and oranges (photo 1). I like most citrus fruits and especially oranges very much. In my hotel room, I'm peeling an orange. While I'm cutting the pith with a knife as usual, I've suddenly realized that the way I peel the orange was taught by an American guy a long time ago.

At the time, I lived with him and other 40 students in a dormitory that was in a university town in the US.

One day I was in the kitchen of the dormitory and peeling an orange without a knife. I had had Japanese oranges (mikan) but hadn't had (California) oranges until then. I was accustomed to remove the thin and soft pith of mikans by hand. In the same fashion, I was struggling with the pith of the orange with my bare hands. But it was thicker and harder.

The guy, Mike, was watching me doing that in the kitchen and he started giving me a lecture on how to peel an orange. He peeled it with a sharp knife very skillfully and explained how to do it for me step by step (photo 2).

It happened some time in 1989. Since then, now for over 20 years, I've been still peeling oranges with the same way! Peeling oranges, every now and then, will bring back memories of Mike.

Photo 1: A fruit basket at my hotel room in Taiwan
Photo 2: Lesson of how to peel an orange
2.1 Prepare a cutting board and a knife.
2.2 Slice off the top and the bottom of the orange.
2.3 Hold the knife. The point is your thumb. It's a guide or a stopper with which the blade does not go deep into the segment and cuts only the pith.
2.4 Cut the skin vertically with certain pitches. Finally, the orange will have cut lines like the longitude.
2.5 Remove the pith along the cut lines.
2.6 The lesson is done.