Yamaha has an advantage that others do not have in China.

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Jun 7, 2011 16:11 China anime
The top story in today’s Nikkei evening edition was that Yamaha and other Japanese companies are finding a new market in the education industry in China. I believe that Yamaha has an advantage because thire logo of Yamaha appeared in the anime, K-ON!.
What is interesting is that Yamaha probably did not pay any publicity expenses for K-ON!. The creator of K-ON! used their instrument probably because he liked it. He may have gotten the permission from Yamaha, though it seems that Yamaha generally permits such use. On the other hand, something like SONY also appeared in K-ON!, but it was not SONY, but something like SUMY. It seems that SONY generally does not give anybody permission to use their name. However, the product that looked like a SONY product a simple (old) cassette tape recorder. Haha.