The number of murders is decreasing year by year.

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May 28, 2011 20:51 judicature 司法
The number of murder cases (attempted included) is decreasing year by year in Japan. The reason is not clear.
The attached graph shows the acknowledged number and the rate to the population per 100 thousands. (The source is Wikipedia JP and the latest report by Of course, there must be matters hidden statistically (called 暗数); however, the fact of decreasing is thought to be sure.

I do not know about situations outside Japan, but there are very few cases in Japan when somebody kills somebody else at his whim. Usually, one kills someone else because of hatred. The fact that the number is fewer probably suggests that people bear less malice toward others day by day in Japan.

A hypothesis that economic development makes the number decreasing is not true at all in Japan, because Japan has been in sluggish economy especially for these ten years and, what’s more, the rich-poor gap is wider and, nevertheless, it is decreasing.