Asahi’s reporter thanks Chinese security police in plain clothes.

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Apr 15, 2011 13:11 China
I came across a very interesting article in today’s Asahi newspaper. One of Asahi's reporters, Furuya Kouichi, went to cover an international summit meeting in China. He left his baggage behind in the trunk of a taxi. Nobody would have remembered which taxi he had taken. Fortunately (or of course?), he found a sharp-eyed young man at the side of the road, who looked clearly like a security officer in plain clothes. The reporter asked the officer if he knew what type of taxi it was. He sympathized with the reporter and said, “The name of the taxi company is ... The registration number is ...” without looking at anything, and then made a phone call. Then, the taxi came back and the reporter was able to take his baggage back.

The reporter wrote, “I was once again surprised at how able members of the security police in this country are.” He is said to have asked the young man his name and affiliation so he could send a thank-you letter to his boss. However, he is said to have been rejected politely.


See also: (警視庁公安部) (It was unexpected even for a veteran China watcher.)