Refugees meet the vice-president of Tokyo Power with seat of honor.

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Mar 23, 2011 01:01 Japan earthquake 地震 原発
Today [already yesterday], the vice-president of Tokyo Electric Power Co paid a 10-minute visit to refugees from the area near the damaged Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, at a huge, cold refuge where many spend their days and nights amid cardboard partitions. It seemed surprising to the Asahi Newspaper reporter that the refugees met provided the company representative with a seat of honor (正座).


Many Japanese are now surprised that foreign reporters have been surprised that there has been no looting in the stricken area ―not looting should be the norm, and therefore not surprising―yet even such Japanese might be surprised that the refugees respectfully welcomed this short visit from the executive, whose firm had damaged the people.

Not a few refugees (I don’t know whether or not it is ‘many’) probably would think that Tokyo Electric Power is also a victim as them, though mass media likes to portray farmers and others who are angry with the company.