Relationship of a worn-out Bag in Taiwan with Japan

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Feb 26, 2011 19:02 Japan China history
Mr. Mo Bangfu (莫邦富), a Chinese columnist in Japan, wrote an interesting column in today’s Asahi Newspaper. He told of a government official in Taiwan, though you might have known it. The high officials, in reaching retiring age, sold his bag that he had used for 5 years at auction and he said he would donate the sale for the public good. His bag was used and got frayed, but those pictures attracted attention and the bag was bought at last for about 500 million Taiwan Yuan (a 168 thousand USD) by Terry Gou (郭台銘), the CEO of Hon Hai (鴻海, Foxconn).

Mr. Mo finished his writing with the words, “In mainland China, the situation of government officials with corruption is very serious. I expect that somebody will tell this story there and the officials will think of purity.” That is, many Taiwanese saw the purity of the officials at the worn-out bag.

However, Mr. Mo did not mention what many Japanese readers would feel/think when reading this story. I think that they would think that those who had handed down the purity of the officials to Taiwan were Japanese government officials before the War. Of course, there was/is a lot of official corruption in Japan, but most of the general officials were/are thought far from corruption. Especially before the War, the government officials were subjects of the Emperor of Japan and corruption was thought to disgrace the name of the Emperor. In addition, not only before the war, but during the Edo Period, the officials are now also thought to have high purity, though TV dramas and movies describe a rather different status; they are called '悪代官' (aku daikan).

However, I do not know how Taiwanese think.

Foxconn is known as the manufacturer of iPad/iPhone and is employing 1 million workers! Unbelievable!