What are Na-Adjectives?

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Jul 31, 2011 15:04 Japanese_language 形容詞
When I began to use Lang-8, I was surprised to hear that there are i-adjectives and na-adjectives in the Japanese language. Those who get their education at ordinary schools in Japan usually do not know of them. I-adjectives are simply called "adjectives" and na-adjectives are called "形容動詞", which is, word for word, adjective verbs. However, I think almost no native speakers of Japanese are conscious of what 形容動詞 are.

I think almost all native speakers of Japanese feel so-called na-adjectives are simply nouns + postpositions.
綺麗 [noun]
な, or だ, or に, etc [postpositions]
Accordingly, many linguists call 形容動詞 (na-adjectives) adjectival nouns, compared to adjectival verbs (i-adjectives). This is because na-adjectives are similar to adjectives in European languages like French, German, etc.

I do not think knowing that na-adjectives are simply nouns makes it easier to learn Japanese. This is because it is just one of the ways to explain thme, thus there must be exceptions. However, I think this is something helpful for you.