Victim-looking people are sometimes true wrongdoers.

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Jul 30, 2011 21:52 原発
It is often the case that a person who is thought to be a victim by the people has actually plotted with a wrongdoer. It is likely that Governor of Saga, Furukawa Yasushi (古川康), is one of them.

First, he refused to restart the nuclear power plant in Genkai, Saga and demanded a guarantee of safety of the power plant from the central government, Kan government. It seemed that he was protecting safety of the citizens. He and Minister Kaieda discussed it, and they were about to come to an agreement; however, Prime Minister Kan suddenly started the negotiations all over again. The governor was enraged and many people, especially financial circles, strongly criticized Kan. The governor was thought to be a victim of stupid Kan.

Next, a scandal by the Kyushu Electric Power Company, the operator of the nuclear power plant, came to light. The company called out their workers, and made them act as supporters of nuclear power generation at public meetings. (It is called yarase, sakura, etc.) The people thought that that was a betrayal to the citizens, and the governor in behalf of the people’s voice behaved as a victim of the setup.

Today, however, the fact that the governor himself had suggested the power company’s setup came to light. The governor denied he had wanted the setup, but the power company read his implied thoughts, and planed the setup. That is very common and normal in Japan.

Moreover, as I wrote once, the discussion between the governor and Minister Kaieda was very strange, and it seemed to me that they put on a show of debating the issue when in reality the matter had been decided from the start. What today became clear also suggests that my reading was correct.

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