One of the Rarest Ones of the Rarest Masterpiece of Chinese Porcelain

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Jul 28, 2011 10:01
Asahi today wrote about a masterpiece of porcelain that was likely to be made in China in the 10th century. Some say that it is likely to be one of the rarest ones of the rarest masterpiece of Chinese porcelain (名品中の名品, 名窯の中の名窯). They say it is one of the works of 柴窯. Of course, these kinds of frauds are common everywhere. Also, I am not an expert.

I, however, have doubts about some saying by Chinese experts who said that there cannot be such a masterpiece in Japan. That is against facts. There are many Tenmoku, a kind of tea bowl, in Japan that were made in China. Some of them are national treasures in Japan, while there are hardly masterpieces in China. This is because the Chinese people have lost their tradition to perform tea ceremonies with Tenmoku. Old traditions often last in frontiers.
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