Have you seen rivet guns?

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Jul 16, 2011 23:10 tense
I just now watched a TV program about restoring a steam locomotive, a "C-61". Even now, I occasionally see ironworks fastened with rivets, but actual fastening is now said to be very rare. The boiler of the locomotive has many rivets and they are** fastened with rivet guns. I have watched that work for the first time, though I saw it through TV. Watching it on TV, it is not noisy; however, the actual sound is said to be terrific. A veteran worker, 78, with over 60 years’ experience, heated a rivet red-hot, then a few workers worked* together fastening the boiler with the red one***.

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* In Japanese, I will write “止めていく”, which seems to be the present tense, but it makes the description vivid.
** In English, you may write it in the past tense, but I will write it in the present tense in Japanese.
*** It was corrected into "it", but in Japanese, without "red", the sentence will dramatically lose vividness.

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