Row, Raw, Low, Law

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Nov 29, 2009 22:42
Row, Raw, Low, Law... I have been studying English for a long time, but I still struggle with them.

When hearing them, it's completely impossible for me to distinguish them. Of course native English speakers can distinguish the pronunciation between R and L, I think they never mishear Row/Raw and Low/Law. But, have you ever mishear Row and Raw, or Low and Law?

Not only I can't hear them correctly, but also I can't use them correctly. Whenever I try to use one of them, I have no idea which I should use. It's as if my brain refused to remember them...

Do you have a similar experience in the language you are learning?

For my info:
The word, the pronunciation and the meaning

Row [rou] 列
Raw [ro:] 生の
Low [lou] 低い
Law [lo:] 法律