My opinion on THAAD

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Mar 7, 2017 19:39 China THAAD world peace
I know this is a very sensitive issue. However, I want to express my thoughts about it anyway because I always believe that communication is the best way to settle quarrels.
How do most Chinese people feel of THAAD right now? I think it's similar to how Americans felt about Cuban missile crisis at that time. No one in China believes THAAD is against North Korea. It is generally considered that this expansion of the U.S. missile defense is aimed China and Russia.
I believe that the South Korean government and the U.S. government have their own concerns. However, I think it is not a good thing for the world and regional peace. Firstly, China and Russia take it as an immediate threat. It will divide the current union of countries that sanctioning North Korea for its nuclear problem. Secondly, I think that nuclear threats from each other prevent any large conflict between superpowers as long as the threats are mutual. The U.S. missile defense system would gradually break the balance.
Put your feet in China or Russia's leader's shoes. If anything country has the ability to annihilate your entire country at anytime it wants, and you don't have any countermeasures to prevent it. What would you do? I think some crazy people would choose to launch a pre-emptive strike. Even the rational ones would choose to develop more deadly, harder to defend weapons to counteract.