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Sep 1, 2017 14:37 science
I'm interested in neuroscience. This story about what I heard.

If you say bad things about others, your brain will age.
The brain don't care with the subject. So your brain would take the words as complain myself even though you talk badly about others. And it release a stress hormone called cortisol and hippocampus to shrink, and your brain will age.

Men are more likely to cheat than women because men is not sensitive with dopamine.
They needs to get a lot of dopamine so they always gets bored easily, looking for something new. What's more, men having the pituitary glands twice as much as women, so it release testosterone; it's improve libido ten to twentieth as much as women. That's why men are more likely to horny than women.

Unfortunately, it seems like the human brain is not made to be as polygamy.




Animals having polygamy
Microtus, Penguin, Wolf, Anglerfish, Bald Engle, Black Vulture
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