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Feb 8, 2012 23:54
Q:What is your favorite manga?
I like Tezuka Osamu's Hinotori the best by following reasons.
First, I like it because the story is very deep and interesting. For example, in Taiyo-Hen, one hero in past is involved in the war of Buddhism and orizinal gods in Japan, and the other hero in future world is involved in the war of religion called "light" and "shadow", which represents that the vanity of endless battle between religion used by power games.
Second, the characters are very attractive. For example, in Ho-oh hen, the Hero Gaoh killed so many people as a robber, but after he understood the importance of life when he lost his lover because of his fault, he became a sculper of the image of Buddha. I feel sympathy with him and easily taken into the story.
Because of the reasons above, I like Hinotori the best.