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Jan 15, 2012 23:55
Q: Who do you would like to go to travel with? Discribe the person and the reasons.
A: The person I would like to go to travel with is my boyfriend. I think so because of the 2 reasons below.
First, I would like to travel to the developping countries. For many cases, it is dangerous to go around in such countries alone especially in the dark. However, if I go with my boyfriend, it becomes easier for me to go around the city in the dark.
Second, with my boyfriend, it is easier to do many outdoor activities. If I go to travel with my girlfriends, most of them don't like doing outdoor activities, they like shopping or eating sweets. So, for me, it is better to go to travel with boyfriends and enjoy outdoor activities.
Because of the 2 reasons above, I would like to trabel with my boyfriend, especially when I go to overseas.