I saw two roe deer yesterday. (어제 노루 두 마리를 봤어요.)

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May 21, 2012 19:55
Yesterday at work I went to the industrial estate into the mountain.
(어제 일할 때 산 속에 있는 산업단지를 갔어요.)

There are many factories into the mountain.
(산 속에는 공장들이 많아요.)

Two roe deer suddenly appeared and ran across the road during driving.
(운전을 하고 가는데 갑자기 노루 두 마리가 나타났고 길을 빠르게 건너고 있었어요.)

It was very calm into the mountain in the middle of the night.
(한밤중의 산 속은 정말 고요했어요.)

There were no people in the steet and I just saw factories, rice paddy, field and mountain.
(길에는 사람 한 명 없었고, 보이는 것은 공장들, 논, 밭, 산 뿐이었어요.)

I called a call taxi by my phone.
(저는 전화로 콜택시를 불렀어요.)

I was very happy as I saw taxi which is coming from far away.
(택시가 멀리서 오는 것을 봤을 때 정말 행복했어요.)