What was the memorable project that you worked on? What was one of the interesting things while you working on project?

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Jan 10, 2012 07:46
I have worked many kinds of things until now.
I made a project that I become a lawyer to work and study at the same time.
One of my dreams was to be a lawyer in my country so I have studied nearly 10 years in order to pass the examination which become a lawyer with various work.
Honestly, I thought becoming a lawyer is a shortcut way to become a famous politician at that time. but my idea was too wrong.
In conclusion, I failed it many times. I think now that one of the reasons was shortage of studying time, the other reason was not smart for me and
another reason was shortage of information.

When I was a taxi driver, I applied to The 1st english speaking test hosted by Busan Metropolitan City in South Korea.
I got through my manuscript so I participated in The 1st english speaking test preliminary round hosted by Busan Metropolitan City.
I was broadcasted in MBC broadcasting station. I was so happy and excited as I saw my images.
In conclusion, I failed to pass a preliminary round on that test.
You can see me right now my video images. I want to show you webpage link which I was broadcasted.