Jokes and Humours in foreign language

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Mar 9, 2011 08:03
I think exchanging just information in foreign language is not that difficult, once you learn basic vocabulary. However, understanding jokes and humours in foreign language is a lot harder.

First of all, to find something funny, you've go to be familiar with background knowledge about the issue in advance, like TV stars, hit songs, news, history, tradition, and so on. In other words, you have to understand a whole culture. Of course, this is really tough for foreigners.

Secondly, when people give jokes and humours, they tend to speak faster. Thus, listening itself becomes more difficult than usual. Sometimes they speak while laughing, and this makes things even more difficult.

I want to understand English jokes and humours. Also, I want to make good jokes.

Since I was in Japan, every time I wrote something in English in email, I tried to put something funny. In conversation, I often try to say something funny. But so far my success rate is rather low.

I had been checking web sites, like "Laugh It Out" and "Jokes Blogger", but 99% of their jokes were not funny to me, sadly. Of course, I'm not sure how funny they are to native speakers, either.

Well, I cast about for something funny to finish this entry for a while, but I'll give up, bye!

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