A new invention as to how to choose 'Fast' or 'Quick'. 「fastとquickの使い分けの方法を新発明」

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Mar 5, 2011 18:21
The two words 'fast' and 'quick' seem quite similar to me and very confusing.

According to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary they have both overlapping and different meanings.
Fast is used especially to describe a person or thing that moves or is able to move at great speed.
Quick is more often used to describe something that is done in a short time or without delay.

However, both of them can be translated into the same '速い' in Japanese.

Examples from the dictionary:
a fast car/horse
the world's fastest runner
the fastest rate of increase for years
a fast response time
a fast learner

She gave him a quick glance.
These cakes are very quick and easy to make.
Would you like a quick drink?
The doctor said she'd make a quick recovery.
a quick learner

'A fast learner' and 'a quick learner' sound pretty much similar, and they may be mutually exchangeable. But when they have different meanings, how can I choose the right one of them?

I think, 'fast' is more like 'ピューッと', 'ピャーッと' etc in Japanese, whereas 'quick' is like 'シュッと', 'パッと' and so on.

I'm quite sure that these explanations don't make any sense to English native speakers. LOL
But in Japanese, we can say 'あの車はピューッと速いよ', but cannot say 'あの車はパッと速いよ.'
Similarly, '彼女は男のほうをパッと見た' is OK, but '彼女は男のほうをピューッと見た' sounds really funny.

Umm, maybe this is a great discovery!






飲み込みの速い学習者、という意味では fastもquickもどちらも使えるようで、これらはたぶん交換可能です。しかし、両者が違う意味を持つ場合、どうやってどちらが正しい方なのか判断すれば良いのでしょう。