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Mar 4, 2011 17:22
I think this web site is great. Learning foreign languages by mutually teaching each other is an absolutely great idea. Teaching here is based on a volunteer spirit, but your effort of teaching is paid by corrections and comments by others. So, we're in a loop of mutual teaching. I would say this is very fair system.

However, there's only one element which is not well integrated into the loop system. The Lang-8 staffs themselves are out of the loop. Their efforts are not paid by their earnings. Their earnings seem to be comprised of premium member fees, advertisement fees, and donations. But they're not rich yet. They still require additional 1,270 premium members to make their livings!

In 2009, their monthly income was about 100,000 JPY, which covered only 9% of their expenditures, while the young head of Lang-8 lived in a flat with a monthly rent of 24,000 JPY (really cheap for Kyoto).

The thing is, I'm satisfied with the basic membership functionality to be honest. Maybe, they've got to improve advertisement functions at first to maintain this wonderful site, I suppose...