Talking about a concert?

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Mar 1, 2011 07:03
I went to a concert of an amateur orchestra in a church on Saturday night. The programme was good, and I really enjoyed their performance.

After the concert, I went to my work place, which is close to the church, to do a couple of things. There I met a colleague of mine. He just came in after me.

I said, "I was listening to a concert."

Then he said, "Oh, were you? I was also in the concert. Sorry, I couldn't find you! I enjoyed the second piece a lot."

I replied, "Yeah, the clarinet soloist was fantastic! It was great."

Then he soon left. I went home a bit later.

Today, I met him again. He said to me, "So, did you enjoy the concert on Saturday?"

"I did, yeah. The programme was really good," I replied.

"Where were you sitting?" he asked me.

"I was at the third row, in the middle. Where were you?"

He explained me, "If this is the stage, and this is the entrance, I was about here. You know there is a big special chair at the back. I was close to it. By the way, I really liked the second piece by Vivaldi."

"No, it was not Vivaldi. It was Weber," I snapped.

"It WAS Vivaldi. Do you remember a guy made a speech just before the second piece ...," he continued.

"Hold on. Where was your concert? In the church?" I asked him.

"No, it was at the theatre. Well, ... have we been talking about two different concerts held at the same time, then?"