Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum 新横浜ラーメン博物館

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Jan 15, 2011 10:25 noodles
Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum (新横浜ラーメン博物館, or simply ラー博) was established in 1993. Shin-Yokohama (新横浜) is known for the bullet train station, and the museum is five minutes' walk from the station. It's called a museum, but in fact it is a theme park for Ramen lovers.

The ground floor provides you the museum shop and a kitchen for ramen cocking. Then you go downstairs, and soon arrive at a downtown at dusk in the 33rd year of the Showa period (昭和三十三年、1958), when Nisshin Chicken Ramen went on sale. What a quick time travel! Are you a Timelord?

Soon after enjoying the exotic streets, you'll have a trouble choosing one ramen shop of the nine excellent shops gathered from all over Japan to the museum. It is said that the head of the museum, Yoji Iwaoka 岩岡洋志, and his six staffs visited 1000 ramen shops all over Japan to select the best shops for the museum!

Of course, you can try two shops, if you can't choose just one. But I wouldn't recommend you to try three shops at once (you might feel sick!). Life is long. Leave the rest of them for your tomorrow.

This museum was so successful that many similar ramen theme parks opened in Japan afterwards. Before this great invention, you had to travel to try a legendary ramen shops, just as the head of the museum did. But now you can enjoy Hokkaido ramen and Kyushu ramen at the same time. Indeed, this had been a dream of the head of the museum for years, and the dream came true!