Somen wars broke out during summer 素麺戦争の勃発

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Jan 10, 2011 02:52 noodles
On top of fantastic cold noodles in Japanese summer season, I would personally put somen 素麺 そうめん. I know some Japanese wouldn't agree with me on this point (they are not enthusiastic about somen), but I really love somen.

Somen noodles are made from flour and white, just like extremely thin udon noodles. They're probably the thinnest noodles in Japan. When you see something very thin, you can say, "It's like somen そうめんみたいだな" or "It's as thin as somen そうめんのように細いぞ". Somen is served cold with soy sauce-based black sauce. It best fits humid and hot summer in Japan.

When I was a kid, 80% of lunches during summer vacation were somen and the rest was cold ramen. We ate somen from a huge glass bowl full of noodles in iced water almost everyday. Since there was only one bowl on the table, there somen war broke out. I fought with my sister and father with chopsticks over the bowl to get somen as soon as possible. My mum was a permanent neutral person there.

My mum's great invention was that instead of serving somen on its own, she served good amount of side dishes with somen. We could thus eat proteins and vegetables as well as the thin and cold flour threads.

Breakfast and dinner were accompanied by a small bowl of somen as a substitution of miso soup. This means I spent most of summer days eating three noodles a day, i.e. 一日三麺.