Ramen is great.

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Jan 8, 2011 19:17 noodles
'One Day One Noodle' is my life motto, although now I can't keep this in practice in the UK. British people don't have much noodle culture, unfortunately. Given their long history, this is rather strange.

In Japan, we can enjoy a variety of noodles. Among them, ramen ラーメン is always the top of my best favourites. It's really addictive, and not good for your health, but tastes fantastic, as most bad (or good?) things do.

Ramen culture in Japan is enormous and enthusiastic. There are professional ramen critics and writers, TV programmes introducing the best ramen shops, and ramen museums/parks which provide you a best collection of ramen shops from all over Japan at one place.

Ramen is flour-based noodle in hot soup in a bowl. Each area of Japan has developed totally different recipe of ramen, ranging from rather simple soy source-based soup in Tokyo to thick soup made from pig bone in Kyushu. Ramen shop masters compete with each other as to delicate texture of noodles, and elaborate flavour of the soup. Comparison of the great diversity is also a delight of going to ramen shops.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no single decent ramen shop in the UK. You may have tried ramen sold by Wagamama restaurants, which is owned by a Chinese entrepreneur. However, as I told you before (http://lang-8.com/178624/journals/633103/), they're serving fake Japanese foods which is edible, but totally different from taste of Japanese originals.

When I met a Japanese guy who has been working in US happily for 10 years, he confessed me that the only thing which lets him miss Japan is 'real (not fake) ramen'!